A Chapter in My Hair Journey

Please see previous video on hair. https://youtu.be/wR3SlVtV6ts

My Experience with EDGE NATURALE

My hair began thinning in my mid-to-late 30’s during my tour in the Middle East (Bahrain-Go Navy!). The sun was brutally strong and so HOT. I remember one time I thought I heard the grease popping in my head—no lie. 😂

So when my hair began to thin, we (the doctors and I) believed it to be the heat/sun and stress of being there. I, also, attributed it to the sand, heat, sweat and allowing the Africans to braid my hair —not that African hair braiders are bad—but there would be 3 to 4 women on my head at once pulling & twisting at the same time and the braids/plaits would be tight as h*ll.

The combination of all those things were toxic for my scalp and the well-being of my hair. Let me be transparent for a moment-there is pattern female baldness in my family on my mother’s side and all of the tight hairstyles I wore before Bahrain —the micro-braids, tight scalp braids, bad diet, you name it.

I purchased everything that claimed it would help grow my edges back —no matter the cost with little to no results. I actually considered the hair transplant option. 🤔

In 2007, I went natural and stop using all chemicals and applying heat to my hair—still no results and to make matters even worse; my hair stopped growing. My hair became stagnant. No growth and it was receding and thinning. 😩I’m a woman. How could this be happening to me!! And I was gaining weight to boot.😭

I tried everything…even used Monistat 7 (don’t tell me you haven’t heard about it or even tried it) you name it…I tried it.

In 2019, I moved to Jamaica.

In the frustration of navigating a lace front wig in the tropics —I actually thought it would make my life easier but that’s an entirely another story—learning to swim while having peri-menopausal hot flashes, I eventually shaved it all off on October 30, 2019 right before a 4-day cruise. I don’t know what I was going through or what I was thinking???

I guess it hit me I was going bald and I felt that there was nothing I could do about it and maybe a little embarrassed 😞. Only God knows the emotion roller coaster I was on that day.

So as you know I made the decision and took control of my narrative (I guess). All I know is that I wanted to continue to travel, snorkel, swim, hike and enjoy the rest of my life without worrying about my hair or lack there of. So I grabbed the scissors and just cut it off.

Now let me tell before I cut it off, I tried everything. I had been natural for over 10 years and if it said it could regrow your edges and/or thicken it up—I brought it!

And not only were my edges gone (bald) and the top of my head hair was thinning, it was beginning to recede. It was looking like a lady George Jefferson. I was horrified and started to research short hairstyles. (For years)

After cutting it, I did notice that wearing my natural black hair you could see the thin areas more so I decided to bleach it and I had this look in my head I wanted to try.

I went to a barber to get it shaped up and I hated it. The round lady line-up and cotton ball fade is a big NO for me. So I went home and went for the bald & wavy look. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burned the crap out of my scalp and had to wait nearly four months for my scalp to heal and hair to grow. I honestly thought I had did it that time. You know the time you go too, too far—the one time you should have listened to that voice in your head but didn’t. That one, yep that one. I burned all my hair off on the top and sides. It was gone—all of it! I was bald except for the back. All head, scalp and red burns—sores. Omg 😱 What had I done!

For four months, I cried, I prayed, I anointed my head, I gently massaged my scalp and I nourished my scalp with a natural oils concoction I made. I protected it from the sun and I saw healing and growth. It took months but it wasn’t a lost cause. Prayer works y’all.

When my hair started to grow, I noticed that my natural black had more grey and less hair than I realized so I said a prayer and bleached my hair again to camouflage the thin edges and the receding hairline.

February 22, 2020
Second bleach job. Hair is extremely thin. February 22, 2020

Honestly before Edge Naturale, I thought that this was it and I’m okay with my bald look. I had become resigned to my blonde bald head, cute head scarves and hats.

I had used several products where I would get results but my hair would shed or completely fall out again. So when I was offered the opportunity to try Edge Naturale, I said why not.

I was told Edge Naturale was a natural product that worked fast and was made with natural oils, peppermint and coconut milk would revive your edges. I began using it on June 22. (see photo below)

2nd haircut. I was frustrated my edges wouldn’t come in. Right side. Extremely thin. Some areas bald. 1st Day of Use.
Left side. After getting the back cut down and a trim.
June 22, 2020
Week 2 June 28

I m’ currently tracking my progress as I continue to use Edge Naturale as directed and have incorporated the product into my hair & scalp routine. I’ve had the jar for over a month so it worth the money and very reasonably priced.

Ive been using the product six weeks and it is absolutely amazing! I see hairs where there were none. Where I was completely bald, I have hair. This product works! Follow direction and go!!

July 20, 2020
July 20, 2020

As we approached the 4 week marked, I was pleasantly surprised and decided to hold off bleaching my hair to see how much growth I can get before I make a decision about my fall hairstyle.

Right Side. July 27, 2020
Left side. July 27, 2020

August 1, 2020.

Edge Naturale is a great product. I will update you later on my hair progress and let you guys in on my hair care routine.

You can purchase Edge Naturale here.

https://edgenaturale.com/products/follicle-enhancer. social media is @edgenaturale.

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