Travel Agent is A Travelers’ Advocate

The Internet is a great thing!  I absolutely love it!

The Internet has changed the way we travel and many people have decided that they do not need a travel agent because they decided that online travel sites are better, cheaper and easier.

But what happens when something goes wrong…

travel pitfalls

Travel agents are great!  Why?

Because they offer insight that online sites cannot and most reputable agents have experienced the resorts, hotels and cruise lines that they are recommending to you.  Your travel agent will manage any issues that you may encounter at the airport, hotel, cruise line or resort because that’s what they do and specialize in.

Travel agents have  networks with other travel agents, travel suppliers as well as the latest travel technology to access to latest up-to-date information that offers the best value for their clients.

Let’s not forget that planning your vacation and making travel plans can be time consuming as well as confusing.  A travel agents can arrange different modes of transportation, save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, travel advisories,  hotel deals and last but not least–A TRAVEL AGENT WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE FOR THIER CLIENTS!


A true travel agent will do everything in their power to make your vacation the BEST vacation ever and not allow you to have any stress with the planning or while you are on vacation if any issue may arise.

A travel agent doesn’t just sit behind a computer and enter keystrokes to get you a vacation.  Travel agents train and get educated on travel and the travel industry.  Travel agents attend seminars and train to be knowledgeable and active in the travel industry for YOU!


Here’s a synopsis of an interview of XM radio talk show about “Your Right to Sue”

On an XM talk radio a few days ago (a show about your rights to sue), a gentleman called in to complain about a cruise he had just taken with another couple. One couple booked through Priceline, the other through Costco. Both couples were given inside cabins, but both claimed they were told they were getting balconies. Both cabins were near stairs and/or noisy areas. They complained to the cruise line on board, and begged them to fix it, to no avail. Priceline and Costco were no help to them (they called before they left the port and also when they got back). The caller wondered where he went wrong. The talk show host had four words for him: USE A TRAVEL AGENT!

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