Bucket list–Kauai, Hawaii

kauai 1

In my younger years, I always thought of Hawaii as one big, beautiful island.  Maybe I was influenced by the television show Hawaii 5-0 but it never really dawned on me that Hawaii consists of several islands until later in life.

I began to research my dream Hawaiian vacation.  Hawaii is so rich in culture and beauty… of course, there’s the FOOD!  Anyone who has been following my blogs knows that I have a great relationship with food and it is an integral part of my travel planning.

Today, I am going to start a series on Hawaii.  Our first island is Kauai, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Island.  It is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and the 21st largest island in the United States and known as the “Garden Isle”.


There are many interesting facts about this beautiful, green island.  Did you know that the highest peak on this mountainous island is Kawaikini at 5,243 feet? Well if you didn’t, now you do. And that there are several waterfalls.  Yes, waterfalls!

Kauai waterfalls

I am a country girl so I found this little tidbit interesting.   Wild chickens on the island.  Kauaʻi is home to thousands of wild chickens, who have few natural predators. Kauaʻi’s chickens originated from the original Polynesians settlers, who brought them as a food source.  Wild chickens.

Kauai chickens

In Kauai, you can take in the lush greenery and inhale the fresh, floral fragrances around you. Each Island has its own unique allure, and Kauai is the tropical pride and joy of Hawaii, full of outdoor activities, attractions and culture.  I have plans to explore Kauai’s beautiful beaches and learn how to surf, embrace the natural beauty and wonders of the island from the Waimea Canyon to the Napali Coast.  There are several small towns on the island:  Hanalei, Old Koloa Town and Hanapepe.  I cannot wait to experience the culture, history and local food.  I am excited about my surfing lessons, but I think I am most excited about experiencing a luau.

Kauai small town

I have researched several places that have luaus on the island but I want the most authentic.  I think that I am most impressed with what I have learned about Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau. Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luaus sits along the Wailua River and is said to  have the most beautiful tropical garden setting in Kauai. I read that one can enjoy lagoons teeming with fish, exotic peacocks, and view over twenty types of fruit in the orchard.

Kauai Luau


The Kauai luau festivities begin with the Imu Ceremony – the unearthing of the traditional pig, cooked to perfection in an underground oven. Enjoy cocktails and an international buffet while wonderful Hawaiian musicians entertain you throughout the dinner hour. The generous buffet includes kalua pig, teriyaki beef, adobo chicken, sweet sour mahimahi, garden isle greens, poi, three bean salad, jello, oriental fried rice, macaroni salad, namasu salad, lomi salmon, assorted fresh fruits, assorted breads and butter, snowflake potatoes, sweet potatoes, hot vegetable of the day, coconut cake, haupia, rice pudding, coffee, punch, soft drinks, Mai Tais, beer, wine and standard bar.  Hmmm, I can taste it now.

Kauai luau pig

The coups de grace for this vacation would be a helicopter ride to fully experience the beauty of the island.  I truly believe that we all have a piece of the earth to experience, to fully embrace, and enjoy.  I think that a helicopter ride would be the cherry on top.

Kauai helicopter ride

Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I like my dreams…

Contrenia L. Fluker, Travel Designer

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