Why Use A Travel Agent

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Why would you use a travel agent when you could plan your vacation yourself?  A better question is why would you use Contrenia L. Fluker as your travel agent when you could plan your vacation yourself.

A travel agent gives you options, knowledge and expertise to your vacation planning.  I am a former Navy Electronics Technician, a traveler and a dreamer.  My first plane ride was at the age of 28, yeah, you read it right, 28.

You see, I am a country girl from Georgia, born, bred and corn bread fed.  The first time, I ever experienced traveling outside of road trips was when I joined the U.S. Navy and my life has never been the same.  When I begin to travel, my heart, eyes and mind were open to new possibilities and I begin to dream bigger for myself and my family.

So again I ask, “what can a travel agent offer you?”:

Convenient One-Stop Shopping

Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more.

Consumer Advocate 

If you should have a problem during your trip, travel agents can act on your behalf to see that proper restitution is made.

Expert Guidance 

Travel agents are experts in helping travelers get where they need to go and in helping to create possibilities most people never would have dreamed were possible.

Save Time

Avoid the headaches and let the travel agents call around and do all the time-consuming work of planning a complex itinerary.


Travel agents offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you the upper hand when making your final travel decisions.

Less Stress

Planning a trip can be stressful. There are so many options and details to worry about. Travel agents do the work, resulting in less stress for you.

Updated Information

Travel agents are constantly communicating with the travel community, thus giving you the most up to date info on airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, travel visas, and other travel services to consider as you plan your trip.

Customer Service

Travel agents offer that “personal touch” to your travel planning experience.   Offering help and advice that a website cannot provide.

Travel Documentation 

Travel agents can help you to prepare and organize any necessary documents that you may need in order to travel outside of the country.  They can direct you to your local passport office, and they know where you need a visa, as well as any other documentation that you might need along the way.

Travel Expertise 

Many travel agents are considered experts in the area you are traveling to and have probably already been to your chosen destination.

Best Value for Your Money Spent 

Travel agents can help you to make your dollars go farther while you are away.  They have access to finding all sorts of deals ranging from flights to hotels to dinner recommendations.

Location, Location, Location!!!!

Travel Specialists can help you to find a place to stay pretty much anywhere you desire.  If it’s a hotel with a view of the ocean in Hawaii or a jungle hut in the Nilgiri foothills, a travel agent can help you make it happen.

Knowledge of All the Ins and Outs

Travel specialists can help bring you up to speed on the local laws and regulations of wherever your travels take you.


Travel agents attend all sorts of seminars and classes to prepare themselves for trip requests like yours.

Tourist Attractions

Travel agents can give you a list of all the not-to-miss spots: such as amusement parks, museums, nature preserves, and historical locations.

Avoid International Flight Confusion 

Travel specialists can help organize those confusing international flights that internet search engines don’t cover.

Where to Go With Kids

Travel agents can help you to find great locations that are kid-friendly.

Trip Cancellation

Something has come up and you need to cancel your trip? If you have used a travel agent they are the only person you need to call.

Travel Insurance

With all the countless options for travel insurance these days, it can become confusing.  A travel agent can help you pick which package works best for your needs.

Personalized Trips

A travel agent can prepare you a personalized trip based on where you want to go and what you want to do.

Where to Go to Avoid Kids 

Want to go somewhere without children running all over the place? A travel agent can help you to find excellent retreats that are open to adults only.

Good Senior Trips 

Need a trip with a good balance of sight-seeing, rest and relaxation? Travel agents can help lucky retirees plan great extended trips that are senior-friendly.

Student Discounts 

Some travel agents are an excellent go-to source for students looking to go on discounted trips.

Exotic Adventures 

Travel experts can help to recommend great once in a lifetime experiences. They can help you to find the best/safest shark cages to dive into and the highest free-fall bungee to jump off.

I believe that if you can dream it, it can surely happen.

I pulled some of this information from tripology.com and it give 101 reasons why you, yes you, should use a travel agent to plan and book your next travel arrangement.    I build relationships with my clients and their families and I get to know them, their likes and dislikes because it is important to build that perfect vacation EVERY TIME!!!!

There is no travel too big or too small for a travel agent to handle.  If you are single, a family or even groups—church, large families, wedding parties or business events,  we cater to you!

My motto is Why Wait?  The World Awaits Your Footprints.  

You must believe that your piece of the world awaits you and go out taste and see the goodness.

Contrenia L. Fluker

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